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Build your kingdom! Battle, trade and colonize the world

Establish Your Kingdom

There are three civilizations in the game. Choose a civilization, establish your kingdom and rule your own empire at War Kingdoms. Manage villagers, gather resources and become a mighty king. Make diplomacy with other kingdoms, plan your wars. Conquer colonies and trade roads to rule the world. Play now the worlds best strategy game.

Trade resources

Gather resources at your kingdom. Your villagers work to fill your warehouse. Spend your resources for research and building your army. War Kingdoms is mobile social game. You can also trade resource with other players. Join now the worlds best strategy game.

Create Your Alliance

War Kingdoms is a social mobile game. There are people nearly all over the world. It is very hard to fight alone with all these people. You can lead your own alliance or you can join one. Battle with other alliances at worlds best mobile social game.

Build Your Army

War Kingdoms is the best war and strategy game. There are 10 different warriors for each civilization. You can upgrade and train warriors to build a mighty army. Research military skills to enhance your army. Manage your army on mobile easily. And always be ready to war, welcome to War Kingdoms.

War Kingdoms - RTS game for Mobile browsers

As I guess you are aware of many browser based RTS games. Have you ever seen one that is designed for mobile browsers? War Kingdoms is a new generation browser based RTS game and it is specifically designed for smartphones. Read more about Mobile RTS Game»